Outsourced HR Services

Payroll Services

Our skilled HR consultants merge Singapore payroll expertise with tech solutions. We customize outsourced HR and payroll services to cover salary calculations, deductions, benefits, and tax reporting.

HR Managed Services

Our expert HR consultants offer customized HR managed services, covering recruitment, payroll, employee relations, performance management, and compliance. We ensure your workforce thrives.

Employer of Record Services

Kairos HR Solutionist is your ideal partner in this endeavor, offering extensive Employer of Record (EOR) services. 

Employment Dispute Resolution Services

At Kairos HR Solutionist, we understand that workplace disputes are not just legal issues but also deeply human concerns. With our extensive experience in HR consultancy, we are uniquely equipped to provide empathetic, effective, and professional Employment Dispute Resolution Services.

HR Consultancy

Employment Contract Service

Our HR experts create tailored employment contracts, managing every aspect from creation to updates and providing guidance on terms, employee rights, and legal obligations.

employee handbook

HR Policies / Employee Handbook Service

Our experienced HR consultants create tailored HR policies and handbooks to match your organization’s values and objectives. We manage policy development, offering guidance on best practices and compliance.

Salary Benchmarking

Our experienced HR consultants use comprehensive salary data and industry insights for tailored benchmarking. We provide actionable recommendations to inform your compensation decisions.

Human Captial Development

Our HR consultants design tailored human development strategies aligned with your goals and offer comprehensive solutions, including talent management and leadership development.

Work & Family Passes (Visa)

Our HR experts simplify Singapore work pass applications, ensuring accuracy and efficiency, so you can focus on your organization’s success and diverse workforce.

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At Kairos HR Solutionist, we recognize the complexities and challenges inherent in Human Resources management. To address these, we’ve brought together a team of seasoned experts specializing in HR consultancy and outsourcing services.