Case Study: Is Employment Pass the best pass for you? Work Pass Application for a Client in Singapore


The client, a seasoned professional in the field of Information Technology, approached our HR consultancy with a primary objective of securing an Employment Pass (EP) for working in Singapore. 


Qualifications and Experience

The client holds a Master’s degree from a renowned university and has over twenty years of experience in management roles.

Company's Standing

Client intends to incorporate a company in Singapore.

Goals and Ambitions

  • The client expressed a long-term interest in contributing to Singapore’s tech industry.
  • Expressed interest in engaging in entrepreneurial activities in the future.
  • Showed a desire for flexibility in employment opportunities, including the possibility of working on multiple projects simultaneously.


Given the client’s qualifications, experience, and future aspirations, we evaluated that the recently introduced ONEPass might be a more suitable option than the traditional Employment Pass.

ONEPass vs Employment Pass


ONEPass is targeted at top-tier professionals and offers greater flexibility. It is designed for individuals who are leaders in their respective fields.


Unlike the Employment Pass, which is tied to a specific employer, the ONEPass allows holders to concurrently start, operate, and work for multiple companies in Singapore.


ONEPass has a longer validity period (up to 5 years) compared to the usual Employment Pass.


Based on our assessment, we recommended that the client apply for the ONEPass. This recommendation was made considering the client’s high qualifications, leadership experience, desire for entrepreneurial flexibility, and long-term commitment to contributing to Singapore’s tech sector.

Application Process

Documentation Preparation

We assisted the client in preparing a comprehensive application, including a detailed resume, proof of achievements and past payslips.


We guided the client through the submission process, ensuring that all criteria and documentation requirements were meticulously met.


Regular follow-ups were conducted to track the application status and provide any additional information requested by the authorities.


The client’s application for the ONEPass was approved. This has allowed our client to greater flexibility in his professional endeavors and aligns with his long-term goals. The ONEPass enables the client to explore various opportunities in Singapore’s thriving tech industry without being tied to a single employer, fostering their potential as a business leader and contributor to Singapore’s economic growth.


This case study highlights the importance of a detailed assessment of a client’s professional background and future aspirations when choosing between an Employment Pass and a ONEPass. The right pass can significantly impact the client’s professional trajectory and contributions to Singapore’s economy.

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