Case Study: HR Managed Services for a Public-Listed Semiconductor Company

Company Profile

Our client, a public-listed semiconductor company headquartered in the United States, has a significant presence in Asia-Pacific, with the HR Director overseeing HR functions for this region. The Singapore office, consisting of approximately 90 employees, operates as a key regional hub. Being the only HR staff member in Singapore, she faced challenges in managing the HR needs of the office especially when she has to travel frequently every month.


1. Limited Local HR Presence

Being the only HR professional in the Singapore office, she faced challenges in managing the full spectrum of HR responsibilities, particularly in recruitment and onboarding.

2. Regional Coordination

The geographical dispersion of the HR team across Asia posed difficulties in aligning HR strategies and ensuring consistent implementation of policies and procedures.

3. Scalability and Efficiency

The need to scale HR operations in line with the company’s growth, while maintaining efficiency and effectiveness in recruitment and onboarding processes.

4. Local Compliance and Best Practices

Adherence to Singapore’s employment regulations and integration of local best practices in HR management.

Solution Provided

We proposed a comprehensive Recruitment and Onboarding Managed Service tailored for Client’s unique requirements.

1. Dedicated Recruitment Team

A team of experienced recruiters was allocated to address the specific needs of the semiconductor industry, ensuring a pipeline of qualified candidates for various roles.

2. Customized Onboarding Process

Development of a structured onboarding program, incorporating both global best practices and local Singaporean cultural nuances.

3. Compliance and Best Practice Advisory

Continuous advisory on Singapore’s employment laws and best practices to ensure legal compliance and culturally aligned HR practices.

Outcomes & Benefits

1. Streamlined Recruitment and Onboarding

Time-to-Hire Reduction

The recruitment process is significantly streamlined, resulting in a faster time-to-hire. This is achieved through improved sourcing strategies, efficient screening processes, and quicker decision-making facilitated by the dedicated recruitment team.

Improved Candidate Experience

The candidate journey is enhanced with clear communication, timely feedback, and a more engaging and informative onboarding experience. This not only improved the company’s employer brand but also increased the likelihood of candidate acceptance and retention.

2. Enhanced HR Operational Efficiency

Focus on Strategic Initiatives

With the operational aspects of recruitment and onboarding efficiently managed, Client is able to dedicate more time to strategic HR initiatives, such as talent development, employee engagement, and regional HR alignment.

Reduced Administrative Burden

Automation and process optimization reduce the administrative burden on Client, allowing for a more strategic use of HR resources.

3. Improved Employee Satisfaction

Better Onboarding Experience

A well-structured onboarding process ensures that new hires feel welcomed, well-informed, and integrated into the company culture, leading to higher initial job satisfaction.

Ongoing Engagement and Retention

The focus on employee satisfaction extended beyond onboarding, with initiatives aimed at ongoing engagement, professional development, and recognition, contributing to higher overall retention rates.

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