Case Study: Drafting an Employment Contract for an Enrichment Center


This enrichment center specializes in providing English writing classes for children aged 6 to 16. It has expansion plans to 4 more centers by the end 2024. To expand its team, it decided to draft employment contracts for new teachers. Lacking legal expertise, they opted to create these contracts in-house by consulting with non-HR consultants.


Identify and rectify the incorrect clauses in the initial employment contracts to prevent legal issues and misunderstandings, and draft new contracts for future hires.


An analysis was conducted on the employment contracts. Key areas of focus included compliance with Singapore’s Employment Act, clarity of terms, and adherence to best HR practices.

Examples of Incorrect Clauses

  • The Company operates for 47 hours per week, reflecting its opening hours. However, employees are contracted to work for 44 hours per week. 
  • Employment contract allows for termination by either the employer or the employee. However, the current clauses do not adequately represent this bilateral option for contract termination.
  • The Company is not permitted to alter the notice period, either by extension or reduction, without mutual consent. Additionally, an employee who has tendered their resignation cannot be obligated to continue serving their notice period until a replacement is found by the Company.
  • Employees have the right to apply for Annual Leave anytime, subject to approval.

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